Solomon Itskovich Khmelnik

Keywords: Maxwell's equations, electrodynamics, electrical field strengths and magnetic field strengths, ocean square waves.

Abstract: Lorentz's statement is known that "... Heaviside and Hertz gave a clear and concentrated form to Maxwell's equations." At present, after Heaviside and Hertz, the applicability of Maxwell's equations to all phenomena of electrodynamics and electrical devices is indisputable. But this indisputability applies only to the case when these equations are solved numerically. The analytical solution – the wave equation of electrodynamics, which contradicts the law of conservation of energy and many analytical consequences of Maxwell's equations, an indispensable attribute of which is the vector potential – are very far from reality. This happened because Maxwell's equations, which the author along with many admire, must be correctly resolved. Below is a discussion of what these correct decisions are.

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