Cinnamomum zeylanicum, diabetic neuropathy, hyperalgesia Page No: 897-902

SM Imamul Huq, Kanta Parvin, Sylvia Rahman and JC Joardar

Keywords: Arsenic, Cowpea, Vigna sinensis, nodulation, mineral nutrition, accumulation

Abstract: Responses of cowpea (Vigna sinensis L.) to different levels of spiked arsenic in pots with two soil series viz., Sonargaon and Dhamrai were investigated. Arsenic (As) content in plant increased with increasing As application to soil. Arsenic treated plants of cowpea were shorter in heights and at 50 mg As/L treatment, all leaves were shed after 60 days of growth. The number and size of nodules showed gradual decrease with increasing As application. The plant N decreased while plant P increased with increasing As concentration. The nodule nitrogen content showed a decreasing tendency with increasing As accumulation in plant, thus demonstrating a negative impact on Rhizobium-legume symbiotic association

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