R. Iyer, C. O’Neill, M. Malaver, J. Hodge, W. Zhang and E. Taylor

Keywords: Quantum density matrix gage fields, dissipative, discontinuity, wave functions, point dynamics, scalar theory, hod, PDP circuit, source-sink mechanism, cyclic universe, Special Relativity, STOE.

Abstract: Gleaning through the merits of novel PDP circuit assembly model advanced as extensions of electromagnetic gaging point dissipative physics model of the Iyer-Markoulakis formalism in the Helmholtz Hamiltonian gage formalism of Iyer-O’Neill-Malaver, we have progressed discontinuity dissipative physics modeling Integrated Model (IM). Integrated Model grand unifies point dissipative dynamics evolutionary Iyer-Markoulakis-O’Neill-Malaver formalism with emergent discontinuum Scalar Theory of Everything (STOE) Hodge model. Effectively, IM has capacity to explain all the four force fields of electromagnetism, gravity, strong force, and the weak force. Currently, it has been initiated only in the form of algorithm equation based on pure mathematical tensor metrics properties with observable physics formalisms. Quantum density matrix with scalar potential matrix and the wavefunction inner product and connecting functional algorithmic equation is gaged to vacuum solutions of magnetic hod Plenum* PDP assemblage. This has achievement by equating Integrated Model quantum cosmological algorithm vacuum gage fields equation of magnetic tensor action on electric tensor fields point gradient vortex discontinuity dissipative physics. Mesoscopic observable examples have been successfully analogized by applying developed theoretical algorithm. We extend presently Integrated Model to explain the primordial progenitor mechanism of prime factorization of superfluid of noisy signals vacuum Superluminal quanta generating ordered energy signals forming magnetic Hod Plenum* PDP assemblages. Subsequently, emergent “curdling” process of “hod photons” to electron-positron particles promotes building up of protons, neutrons, atoms, with gluonic links to quantum, mesoscopic to astrophysical spiral elliptical galaxies’ sourcesink mechanism manifesting cyclic universe. Quantum Mechanics applies where gravitation is insignificant, and the dimensions are very small. There are many observations that remain poorly explained by the standard model. The strength of the Scalar Theory of Everything (STOE) is its ability to describe an extremely wide range of observations and to predict observations. Each of the STOE axioms has been used in the development of models of observations in the big and the small. The axioms that replace Quantum Mechanics are: (1) The universe is causative and three dimensional. (2) The diameter of the hods is the same throughout the universe. (3) The distance between hods is related to plenum density, ?. Higher ? reduces the distance between hods. (4) The speed of photons and hods (light) is the greatest of any matter in each environment. (5) The speed of the plenum wave is much faster than the speed of the hods. The STOE is a major paradigm shift.

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