Aleksey Anatolievich Zakharenko

Keywords: transversely isotropic solids, piezoelectric and piezomagnetic effects, magnetoelectric effect and other exchange effects, piezogravitic and piezocogravitic effects, new nondispersive SH-SAW.

Abstract: This paper relates to the first centenary of the prediction of the existence of gravitational waves by Albert Einstein in 1916 and their prediction was experimentally confirmed in 2016 in one hundred years after the prediction. This work develops the theory of the wave propagation in the solids possessing the piezoelectric, piezomagnetic, and magnetoelectric effects as well as the piezogravitic, piezocogravitic, and gravitocogravitic effects, and the other exchange coeffects. Exploiting the quasi-static approximation in the theory of electromagnetism and gravitoelectromagnetism, the thermodynamics and the coupled equations of motion are developed in the common form. To simplify the problem of the wave propagation in these solids, the shear-horizontal (SH) wave propagation in the transversely isotropic materials was then treated. Considering all the aforementioned effects and coeffects, the explicit forms of the propagation velocities of the bulk and new surface acoustic waves (SH-BAW and new SH-SAW coupled with four potentials) were theoretically obtained. This theoretical work has the additional purpose to stimulate experimental measurements of all the necessary material parameters when a solid possesses all the effects and coeffects including the ones from the theory of gravitoelectromagnetism.

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