Karim Gabol, M Zaheer Khan, M Umair A Khan, Peer Khan, Farina Fatima

Keywords: Toxic effects, heavy metals, lead, chromium, cadmium, poultry bird

Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate the induced effects of three selected heavy metals lead, chromium, and cadmium on poultry bird Gallus domesticus which are widely consumed in Karachi. Lead caused decrease in level of blood parameters whereas chromium and cadmium increased level of blood parameters. Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs) decreased due to cadmium and lead whereas White Blood Corpuscles (WBCs) decreased with exposure to lead and chromium. Lead also decreased the life span of RBCs. After administration of high dose (20?g /body weight) of lead Hemoglobin (Hb) was 13.42 g/dL, R.B.C 3.33 (x10E12/L), Mean Corpuscular Volume (M.C.V) 160.30 (fL), Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin (M.C.H) 40.74 (pg), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (M.C.H.C) 29.18 g/dl and W.B.C 189 (x10E9/L), respectively whereas for low dose (10 ?g /body weight) Hb was 12.52 g/dL, R.B.C 3.18 (x10E12/L), M.C.V 155.72 (fL), M.C.H 39.44pg, M.C.H.C 27.99 g/dl and W.B.C 207.50 (x10E9/L), respectively. At high dose of cadmium (20 ?g /body weight) concentration of Hb was 14.87g/dL, R.B.C 3.19 (x10E12/L), M.C.V 129.69 (fL), M.C.H 48.38 (pg), M.C.H.C 37.56 g/dl, W.B.C 135.24 (x10E9/L) whereas at low dose (10 ?g/body weight) concentration of Hb was 14.21g/dL, R.B.C 3.11 (x10E12/L), M.C.V 127.51 (fL), M.C.H 47.54 (pg), M.C.H.C 36.70 g/dl and W.B.C 145.75 (x10E9/L), respectively. At high dose of chromium (20 ?g /body weight) Hb as 9.35g/dL, R.B.C 2.03 (x10E12/L), M.C.V 142.40 (fL), M.C.H 37.20 (pg), M.C.H.C 23.95 g/dl and W.B.C 235.02 (x10E9/L) whereas at low dose (10 ?g/body weight) Hb as 10.40 g/dL, R.B.C 2.37 (x10E12/L), M.C.V 148.02 (fL), M.C.H 39.42 (pg), M.C.H.C 25.60 g/dl and W.B.C 207.31 (x10E9/L), respectively. In histo-pathological study, induction of a high dose of heavy metals (Pb, Cr and Cd) showed abnormalities of cells size and function, damage to cells and tissue of liver, kidney, intestine and brain.

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