By: Syed Ali Ghalib, Roohi Kanwal, Abeda Begum, Afsheen Zehra, Ghazala Yasmeen and Uzma Manzoor

Abstract: Pakistan has been gifted with a huge coastal area with a coastline running along Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Sindh Coast is composed of about 230 km of area. Indus Delta and Karachi coastal regions are included in Sindh Coast which is surrounded by Sir Creek on the east with the South-eastern part of Pakistan between the Indian border while on the west side Balochistan coast and Hub river are located. Most important role has been played by Indus Delta covering the area of 2,560 sq. km which serve as the main pool of ecological richness. It comprises of about 85% of total coast line. Sindh Coastline is the combination of diverse features including patches of randomly distributed mangrove forests, many small islands and the ranges of tidal creeks (ESCAP, 1996). Sufficient information about wetlands, waterbirds and coastal birds of Pakistan is available including Ahmed et al. (1999), Amjad and Kidwai (2003), Chaudhry et al. (2012), Damboureyeh and Ghalib (2014), Durranee et al. (2008), Ghalib and Hasnain (1994), Ghalib and Bhaagat (2004), Ghalib et al. (2002, 2006, 2009, 2013), Grimmett et al. (1998, 2008), Hassan (1994, 2005) Hasan and Brohi (2009), Hasan et al. (2005), Hussain (2014), IFAP (2009), Jabeen et al. (2014), Javed and Hassan (2004, 2005), Khan et al. (2014), Khan and Ghalib (2006), Khurshid (2000), Pernetta (1993), Mirza (2007), Roberts et al. (1986), Scott (1989), Scott and Poole (1989) and Siddiqui et al. (2001, 2008). The objective of present study was to review the distribution, status and current trends in the population of coastal birds of Sindh areas.

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